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How to Buy a Pre-owned Omega Australia

July 2, 2022

If you are looking for a pre-owned omega watch in Australia, you are certainly in the right place we have many listed on Wristies – Australian Watch Marketplace. Omega Luxury watches are nothing but an asset, even if you are buying a pre-owned Omega.

Omega timepieces are expensive, and rightly so for all reasons. One wonders whether buying pre-owned Omega is worth it. Well, the answer is yes, buying pre-owned omega watches is an affordable way to own an omega watch, especially if the first-hand watch is too expensive for you to buy. Secondly, buying and selling Pre-owned omega watches can be quite a lucrative business.

Before we discuss pre-owned Omega and give you a complete guide on buying, let’s look at Omega watches in general.

Are Omega Watches Trustworthy?

Omega has the honour of sending the first watch to the moon, that says something about the reliability. If you are looking for reliable watches, Omega is the brand you can trust completely. The Swiss brand was even approved by NASA in the 1960s for all flight missions because of its accuracy. So as far as the accuracy, water resistance, and resistance to electromagnetism, Omega currently the only brand with the pedigree of Master Chronometer.

As for the used Omega timepieces, they are a good investment also because the manufacturers have unique timepieces for all types of activity. Their collection has several classic and sports watches.

Top Omega Models

Omega has quite an astonishing collection of models of luxury watches. Each model is precious in its way. Here we have explained different Omega models for your convenience.

Omega Speedmaster

These are the most iconic range of Luxury watches. The collection is the most sought-after luxury watch and a great investment opportunity. Since the retail prices are too high, buying second-hand is a great option for luxury watch collectors. We have such prestigious watches in this collection as Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional and Speedmaster 38 Co-Axial Dark Side of The Moon. Not only they have their unique charm but are also perfect heirlooms. The range predated to 1968 and is extremely valuable for watch collectors. The limited Edition watches in this collection also have great value for watch collectors. The collection was first introduced in 1957 but has gone through several significant changes over the years. The new ones have only surpassed the older ones in precision and craftsmanship but older ones are priceless as antiques.

Pre Owned Omega Speedmaster

The Seamaster

Although all Omega timepeices are water resistant but Seamaster collection is dedicated diving range of Omega watches. The Seamaster range has legible dials, rugged construction, and a bit of nautical flair. Seamaster Aqua Terra, Planet Ocean, Seamaster 300, and Seamaster Driver Co-Axial 300m are some of the notable watches in this collection. Here we have the Seamaster Professional 300m, also known as the Bond Watch. The item is a great investment if you get your hands on it. The steel models in this range have an exquisite classic look.

Omega Seamaster

The De Ville

The range started as a sub-category of The Seamaster and later became a compelete collection focusing on more streamlined designs. Timepieces in the De Ville collection like Tourbillons, Prestige, Tresor, and Hour Vision are style statements, whether you buy first or second hand.

The Constellation

The constellation collection is a testament to Omega’s mechanical and material development. Timepieces in this collection are a combination of sports performance and style statements. The constellation collection stands out for its signature features like four dials, half-moon features, and Roman numerals.

Are Second Hand Omega Good Investment?

Omega is a brand that has secured its position and place in history. It has been used in the Olympics and has been graced on silver screen as James Bond’s choice so certainly its a good investment for those who collect luxury watches and those who hope their prices will increase with time.

You can get a good deal on second-hand watches, and keeping them in good condition can be a good investment opportunity.

As the prices of these timepieces keep increasing with time, the price of  used watches keeps increasing. The market for pre-owned watches follows the trend. So the costs of second-hand timepieces may be less than the new ones, but they are certainly more costly after some years of purchasing. There is also a big difference between supply and demand. If you buy a limited edition timepiece and a specific model that is no longer produced, it becomes even more valuable. Omega is a brand that is reliable and well trusted. The timepieces are widely popular, and you can invest money and earn profit in the future.

How to Tell if Omega Watch is Real?

Due to the quality and popularity of the Omega watch, it is common to get scammed with a counterfeit one. So if you buy a pre-owned omega watch, here is how to make sure you are buying only the original one.

Serial Number

One way to ascertain you are only buying the original branded Omega watch is to check the serial number. You can check the 7 or 8-digit serial number on the back of the dial. Cross-reference the serial number with a quick internet search. It’s not very difficult with the internet making everything easy these days.

The serial number can be found on the case back for most omega watches. In the vintage collection, the serial number is engraved on the bottom of the lugs.


Another way to check the authenticity of the Omega watch is by closely examining the dial. Omega watches are known for their intricate designs. Even check the spacing between letters; if something is slightly out of place, it is certainly not an Omega timepiece.


Make sure you check the Omega logo. It should be precise. The omega logo on the dial indicates it’s an original Omega watch.


Omega is known for the precision and complexity of its hand movement. The ticking motion of Omega watches is smooth and seamless. When you pull the crown, its second hand should stop. A stuttering motion of hands is certainly a fake omega.


Omega timepieces are completely silent. Even a slight ticking sound is a sign of a fake watch.

Luminous Time Markers

Omega watches are adorned with luminous markers, dots, and hands-on a rotating bezel. A reflective surface lets these markers appear stretched instead of dots and slim lines. So if the markers do not appear luminous in dark space, it can be a counterfeit watch.

Date Window

Swiss brands have spent years improving and perfecting their technology. To determine the authenticity of your watch, check the dateline and numbers covering the entire space. It is not only difficult but impossible for a counterfeit watch to have the same grace. They come not even close to the original Omega’s level.

Does an Omega Watch Have Resale Value?

The demand and supply gap is crucial in determining the resale value of Omega watches. If it’s a watch that is no longer on the market, the resale value can increase. A watch will be valuable if it’s not in stock.

Then there are limited edition watches. So Omega lose their resale value, but there are some exceptions to limited editions, or vintage watches that can be considered antique have even more resale value. Some models that have the least depreciation value are

  • Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional- Standard
  • Seamaster Diver 300M
  • Seamaster 300
  • Aqua-Terra

What is Co-Axial Technology?

Omega has pushed the functionality of their watches towards betterment. You must have noticed the Word Co-Axial written with their every watch, but what exactly does this co-axial technology mean. Coaxial refers to a mechanical component that is used in Omega watches.

The co-axial mechanical movement was first introduced in 1999. In common words, Co-axial is an escapement mechanism. It’s like the heart of a watch’s movement. Co axial escapement defines the speed at which energy is released from the mainspring. In Omega Co, axial energy is transmitted with lateral impulse, significantly reducing escapement friction. This entails a long-lasting watch with better mechanical efficiency.

Which Omega Watch will Hold Its Value?

Omega Speedmaster and Omega Seamaster are the most valuable and popular Omega watches. These are also in high demand.

Tips to Buy Pre-Owned Omega Watch

Here are some tips to buy a second-hand omega watch.

  • Look for the popular models like Speedmaster and Seamaster as they are always in demand and have good resale value.
  • If you buy second-hand omega watches, look for variations in functions or straps. Buying Gold or dial variants is a good investment.
  • Vintage Omega watches are in great demand. They are pricey but are great investments.
  • Limited edition watches do not depreciate.
  • Constellation and Deville models are not very popular and may not have great resale value.
  • Only Buy from a reliable source.
  • Make sure you check the watch in person to ensure it is not counterfeit or fake.

Final Words

Omega is one of the most popular brands of luxury watches. Their accuracy, precision, and brilliant craftsmanship make them a great asset for those who have them. Buying an Omega watch can be difficult but if you are the one who loves luxury watches, buying a pre-owned watch is a good option.

Besides personal use, Omega Watches are a great investment as well. Especially if you have a vintage collection, an antique model, or a limited Edition, its price doubles with time easily. Prices of luxury watches are also increasing day by day. So if you buy and sell even used watches, you can earn a sizeable profit.

Whether you are looking for a pre-owned luxury watch in Australia as a collector or only to be worn and feel the pride, is your one stop to get all the information and enlisting of watches.

We enlist hundreds of watches daily and help you in any way to get the timepiece of your choice. Keep visiting. You can select from a wide range of used watches and get the best deal.

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