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Rolex Watch Price List 2022: How much does a Rolex cost in Australia?

February 8, 2022

How much do a Rolex watches cost in 2022?

In recent years the price of luxury watches have skyrocketed. Many people are wondering how much their favourite Rolex timepiece will set them back by next year! With this increase comes questions: What makes one watch more valuable than another?” And why does its value fluctuate so greatly from month-to-month or day-to-day depending on market fluctuations.” The answer lies not only with demand but also an incredibly scare supply, which continues to drive up prices significantly higher than they would otherwise have been.

Can you buy Rolex watch from a retailer in Australia?

Yes of course, there are plenty of models that you can pick up from a showroom at retail prices. However for the vast majority of popular models you will have to put yourself on a wait list and unless you have an extensive history purchasing Rolex watches in Australia then the chances of getting your hands on one of the popular models is incredibly unlikely.

The demand for Rolex watches in Australia is so high that those who can actually purchase them from a Rolex retailer will end up listing them for sale at a premium. This is exactly why the grey market in Australia has boomed in recent years. Prices of the Submariner, GMT Master II and Daytona have all rocketed up and do not show any sign of slowing down.

Since there are such limited numbers of these models and demand steadily on the rise, if you would like to get a hold of stainless steel sports watches you will need to look to the second hand watch market.

How much does a Rolex watch cost in Australia?

There are a number of different factors that will impact how much Rolex watches will cost in Australia. The model, year and condition all play a huge part in the price you will pay.

If you would like to have a browse yourself, check out Wristies. It is an Australian website which aggregates watch sales from across the country so you can find the best deal for yourself. The watches listed on the site are from both private sellers as well as the most reputable commercial dealers from across the country.

To make things easy though, we have listed out some of the most popular models along with their retail prices AND we are seeing them actually sell for on the Australian second hand market.

Rolex watch price list Australia 2022

We have aggregated watch data from thousands of watches to determine what the prices you will pay for these popular models in Australia. If you would like to find the best deal for yourself on any of these models, we would recommend searching Wristies and sorting by price to see how the market moves.

Rolex GMT Master II

The Rolex GMT Master II is one of the most recognisable and desirable watches in the world and over recent years has become more popular with the release of its most recent models the ‘Pepsi’, ‘Batman’ and ‘Root Beer’.

Rolex GMT Master II ‘Pepsi’ – Ref. number 126710BLRO

Retail Price: $15,100.00 AUD
Wristies Australia – Second hand price – $35,000 AUD and upwards

The Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi” was first released in 1955. There have been several instances over the years however the one you see above was first released in 2018. The demand for these watches has been climbing rapidly and if you had purchased one as an investment, it would have likely outperformed most other asset classes.

You can forget the retail price of $15,100.00 AUD as it will be near impossible to get your hands on one of these in store even if you are going on a waiting list. These models are reserved for VIPs of Rolex Australia..

Last year you probably could have picked one of these up for between $25,000.00 – $30,000.00 AUD however so far this year, we are yet to see one under $34,000.00 AUD.

Rolex GMT Master II ‘Batman’ – Ref. number 126710BLNR

Retail Price: $15,100.00 AUD
Wristies Australia – Second hand price: $35,000.00 AUD and upwards

Unlike the Pepsi, there had never been a Rolex GMT with a blue and black bezel. Outside of that key difference, they are essentially the same watch. In the reference number, the BLNR stands for Bleu/Noir where as the BLRO for the Pepsi stands for Bleu/Rouge.

This model was a incredibly popular as soon as it was released and fetched prices above retail immediately. Even then people thought the prices were inflated and the Batman was accused of carrying too much hype. However fast forward a few years and they are going for more than double the price at official Rolex retailers. This goes for both the oyster bracelet as well as on the jubilee bracelet, for which configuration has been dubbed the ‘batgirl’.

Similar to the ‘Pepsi’ these models were hovering around the $30,000.00 AUD throughout 2021 however now if you find one for that price it would be considered a bargain!

Rolex GMT Master II ‘Root Beer’ – Ref. number 126711CHNR

Retail Price: $21,450.00 AUD
Wristies Australia – Second hand price: $24,000.00 AUD – $28,000.00 AUD

Over the past few years, two tone watches have seen less love than what they did in the 90s. However it seems as though they are making a comeback for 2022 and the ‘Root Beer’ is a great example of that. Structurally it is the same watch as the ‘Pepsi’ and ‘Batman’ but with the obvious difference of being constructed from a combination on stainless steel and everose gold.

While they are not trading as high as some of the other Rolex timepieces, they are still fetching a premium on the second hand market. We are seeing these range anywhere between $24,000.00 and $28,000.00 however it would come as no surprise if the prices surpassed that later this year.

Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner date – Ref. number 126610LN

Retail Price: $12,600.00 AUD
Wristies Australia – Second hand price – $22,000.00 AUD and upwards

There are a number of different Rolex Submariners available on the second hand watch market. All of which are incredibly popular. The reference 16610 is considered the quintessential Submariner date. Of which you would have been able to pick one up for around $10,000.00 about two years ago. Now it would be unlikely to find one for below $14,000.00 including box and papers.

The 126610LN which is the most recent release of the Submariner which features a 41mm dial on oyster bracelet, carries a price tag of $14,250.00 at official Rolex retailers. However these are trading at around $25,000.00 AUD for a mint condition or unworn example on the pre owned watch market.

Rolex Submariner no date – Ref. number 114060

Retail Price: $14,250.00 AUD
Wristies Australia – Second hand price: $24,000.00 AUD and upwards

If you are looking for a no date example of the new Rolex Submariner, the official price on the Rolex website is $14,250.00. Slightly less than the retail price of the Submariner date however they seem to be trading for about the same amount as the 126610LN on the second hand market.

The good news is that the black Submariners are much more common to come across, so the chances of one landing on your wrist are much higher and it is less likely that the prices will blow out to the same extent as some of the other models mentioned here.

Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’ – Ref. number 116610LV

rolex hulk submariner watch

Retail Price: Discontinued
Wristies Australia – Second hand price: $45,000.00 AUD and upwards

The 116610LV which is commonly referred to ‘The Hulk’ came out in 2010 and immediately made a scene across the watch world. This model came as an evolution to the 16610LV, an earlier model known as the ‘Kermit’. The Kermit was similar to the black 16610 however featured a green bezel. Since this model has been discontinued, you will not find it at official Rolex retailers.

The Hulk upped the ante and introduced a green dial to match the bezel and was bulked up on the new Rolex maxi case. This model has since been discontinued which likely plays a big role in driving the price of these watches further and further up.

Last year we saw these selling anywhere from $30,000.00 to $35,000.00 on the Australian second hand market. At the time even this seemed like a crazy price however now, in 2022 the price of this model will easily fetch $40,000.00 and now, we are seeing them start to rise beyond $45,000.00.

Rolex Daytona

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ‘Panda’ – Ref. number 116500LN

Retail Price: $20,600.00 AUD
Wristies Australia – Second hand price: $45,000.00 and upwards

While this model of Daytona is not getting anywhere near the price of some of the vintage Daytona pieces such as the Paul Newman. It is certainly a model that has seen a huge increase in demand and price in recent years. Known as the ‘Panda’ due to the white face and black feature – the watch retails for $20,600.00 at official Rolex retailers. As we know by now, this price is almost redundant for most people.

These are getting harder and harder to come by because they are so popular but if you can manage to find one for sale, it is unlikely that you will be able to pick one up for less than $50,000.00. Of course we cannot predict what the prices will do throughout 2022 however the popularity of these watches and Rolex watches in general seems to be on the rise, so we anticipate that this price will continue to rise.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ‘John Mayer’ or ‘Money Dial’ – Ref. number 116508

A gold rolex with a green face and gold dial

While the market for this piece is presumably much lower due to the price, we thought it was worth a mention. The model pictured is discontinued however as a reference point, to purchase a solid gold Daytona with a black face from a Sydney showroom, it will cost you $52,950.00 AUD.

This model in particular gained a lot of popularity after being called out by John Mayer in a talking watches episode by Hodinkee. You can check out the video on YouTube but basically he suggested that the watch will be a great collectors piece and he expected the price to increase.

Well, he was right. It is rare to see these pieces come up in Australia but some recent reports have seen these trading for around $150,000.00 US.

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