Pre-Owned Omega In Brisbane

Omega has been around since 1848 and has continued to push the envelope in terms of design and function. It is the second most actively listed brand on Wristies and hosts a range of popular models. Fun Facts: NASA wore Omega watches to the moon, James Bond has worn an Omega since 1995 and since 1932 Omega has been the official timekeeper at the Olympic Games.

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Omega Railmaster - $6,9995.00 - $14,995.00
Omega De Ville - $2,995.00 - 14,995.00
Omega Constellation - $2,995.00 - $4,995.00
Omega Seamaster Professional - $2,995.00 - $3,995.00
Omega Seamaster Diver 300 - $4,995.00 - $7,995.00
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean - $4,995.00 - 18,995.00
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra - $5,995.00 - $12,995.00
Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch - $6,995.00 - $8,995.00
Omega Speedmaster Racing - $4,995.00 - $5,995.00


Are used Omega watches worth it?

Buying a used Omega watch is an advisable choice, as it is usually sold around 30% of the recommended retail price. With recent models available in the pre-owned market, you are sure to get one in good condition. Unlike some luxury brands, there is a healthy supply of Omega watches in the market, making it easier to get a model you prefer (old or new). And your chances of purchasing an authentic used Omega watch are high.

However, be sure of its authenticity, as this largely determines the worth of a watch. Some are outright counterfeits (there is a high supply of those), and some a less-than-genuine. This means they might be of mixed parts. An authenticity check is crucial, especially when buying a vintage Omega watch, as older watches are priced higher and would cost you more.

Also, the condition of the watch (good or bad) affects its value. To ensure you get your money's worth when buying a used Omega watch, be sure it is in a good state. Also, ensure that the calibre and any of its complications is not compromised. This is why it is advisable to only purchase pre-owned Omega watches from pre-owned dealers, vintage shops and auction houses that are certified.

Are Omega watches going up in value?

The value of Omega watches rises from time to time, as with all luxury watch brands, the general price level is bound to increase with time. However, the rate at which the various models of Omega watches increase varies based on several factors.

Regardless of whatever luxury watch brand you purchase; it is likely to retain its value over time. Thus, getting a luxury watch is a reassuring choice whether or not you are buying it for value retention purposes.

For instance, the Omega Seamaster rose significantly in just two years by 15%, where the average selling price was around €2300 in 2016. By 2018 it rose approximately to €2700 on average. This might seem like an impressive increase generally, but relatively compared with other luxury watches can be considered average.

However, for strict investment purposes, the appreciation of Omega watches cannot be predicted. With the reputation of the Swiss manufacturer in the watchmaking industry, of impeccable workmanship, sophisticated movements, innovative complications and relatively affordable price, it is in a class of its own. This makes it very likely that the value of Omega watches will continue to increase in the future. It would be a good investment in the medium term, should you choose to sell your used Omega watch.

Are Omega watches a Good Investment?

Omega watches have proven to be a good watch investment choice. Based on the Omega's rich history as one of the oldest Swiss watch brands, iconic Omega moments like being on the moon, several James Bond movies and numerous Olympic Games. All these and more have earned Omega a top spot in the watch industry as a reputable luxury watch brand.

Apart from the watch brand's prestige, other factors contribute to their watches being a good investment. In the last few years, Omega has increased its recommended retail prices on new timepieces multiple times. This is consequently led to the increase in the price of Omega watches in the second-hand market.

Also, Omega maintains a healthy supply of their watches in the market. The production of the various models is such that the market is not saturated with their product. As Omega would stop the production of a model at some point. Usually, this leads to an increase in demand for that model and market forces of demand and supply are bound to take effect, thus increasing its value due to limited supply.

However, this does not mean limited-edition models are always a secure investment option. It is common knowledge that they are made in small amounts and usually command the same demand in the second-hand market.

So, if you are looking for a timepiece to adorn your wrist and have it retain its worth or even rise in value in the future - Omega watches are suited to do just that.

What is the most sought-after Omega watch?

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch is arguable the most sought-after Omega watch yet. The attraction to this model first came about when the watch was accidentally the first Omega watch in space. When NASA astronaut Walter Schirra wore his personal Omega Speedmaster on his space mission Project Mercury “Sigma 7” in 1965. Despite its unplanned fame, it was a well-earned reputation as the Speedmaster was the only wristwatch that passed all of NASA's 11 tests for space travel. It would later become the official NASA watch through the Apollo program. And Omega developed a series specifically for that purpose known as the Speedmaster Professional.

However, the Speedmaster became forever iconic when it became the first watch on the moon when Buzz Aldrin wore the first Omega Speedmaster in 1969. This has led the Speedmaster to be nicknamed the “Moon watch.” The watch has an asymmetric casing and crown & pusher protection, with a black dial that creates a nice contrast to the stainless steel. The complication on the first series of the Speedmaster is a chronometer-certified self-winding chronograph. Although the subsequent series would come to feature more innovative and sophisticated complications.

Despite the sophistication and innovations by Omega over the years, there is still no Omega model or series, proven to be as popular and sought-after as the Omega Speedmaster Professional (Moon watch).

Is Rolex or Omega better?

When it comes to choosing the better watch between a Rolex and Omega - there is no straight answer. As both watch brands fair better than the other in some aspects and are on par in others.

In terms of precision or accuracy, both brands have an excellent reputation beyond mere marketing. As numerous Rolex and Omega watches have earned the title of “chromometer” from COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres), the official lab for testing superior accuracy of timepieces. In terms of accuracy, Omega watches are better. This is mainly due to Rolex not manufacturing quartz watches anymore, unlike Omega. Generally, quartz watches are certified to be more accurate than mechanical watches.

In terms of water resistance, both watchmakers offer excellent water resistance in their diver's watch models. Although the Omega Seamaster series is one of the best water resistance depths in the watch industry, the Rolex's Deepsea series defeats it by miles. The Seamaster offers a resistance of 1,200 meters / 4,000 feet, while the Deepsea series has resistance up to 3,900 meters / 12,800 feet.

If you are looking for a good watch investment, then a Rolex is the better option. Rolex remains the most recognizable watch brand in the world. And it has the highest resale value for a luxury watch in the world. While the resale value on Omega is not terrible, it is not the best either; it is average. In some regard, Omega's brand recognition is a close second to Rolex. Ultimately, what matters to you more when getting a watch will be the deciding factor when choosing between the Rolex or Omega.

What is the most affordable Omega?

In the watchmaking industry, Omega is well-respected and recognized brand globally. In comparison to its main competition, Rolex, Omega watches are relatively affordable. As the cheapest Rolex is almost double the price of the most affordable Omega. Here are some of the most affordable Omega watches you can find in the watch market today:

Omega Speedmaster Professional (Moon Watch)

The Speedmaster series remains one of Omega iconic models, gaining fame in the 1960s. As the official NASA astronauts space travel watch and being the first watch on the moon. The Speedmaster is known for its impressive accuracy. It features a Master Chronometer certified mechanical calibre and a chronograph complication. The price range of the Omega Speedmaster starts from $5950 upwards, depending on the type of strap or bracelet that accompanies it.

Omega Constellation Co-Axial

Originally known as the Globemaster before a trademark conflict that was resolved in 1956. Now the Omega Constellation, this series would later be fitted with Omega's exclusive COSC certified Co-Axial calibres that offer less friction, better mechanical efficiency and great chronometric performance. Which is still one of the best calibres for mechanical watches. The starting price for the Omega Constellation is $4,400, and it comes in multiple sizes and variations.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial

This beautiful timepiece is also fitted with the impressive Co-Axial calibre and designed specially to be resistant to magnetic fields up to 15,000 gausses. As magnets and electromagnetic devices are known to disrupt the accuracy of mechanical watches. The Aqua Terra is instantly noticeable with its transparent case back, which is uncommon with most antimagnetic timepieces. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial price starts at $5,590.

Omega De Ville Prestige

This is Omega's classic dress watch collection. It has a minimalist yet luxurious appeal that is evergreen. It is equally fitted with an automatic Co-Axial calibre and a 30-meter water resistance pretty impressive for a dress watch collection. Omega De Ville Prestige's starting price is $3,750.

Why do Omegas lose value?

As a reputable brand with years of positive recognition, Omega watches do a decent job of retaining their value. However, when it comes to the watch investment, different factors can affect how well it holds its value.

  • The model of the watch is very important when looking to invest in an Omega watch. This is because all models have varying levels of demand or popularity. This is an aspect where the market forces of supply and demand come into play.
  • The condition of your Omega will largely affect the resale value of the watch. So make sure to always keep your Omega watch in pristine condition and treat it like the investment that it is.
  • The accessories that come with the Omega watch play a key part in keeping the value of the watch.
  • The age of your Omega watch goes a long way in determining how much your watch is appreciated. Hence if your watch is a relatively new model and still in supply by Omega you might want to hold off on reselling until supply drops and demand increases.

Ultimately, the reason most Omega watches do not hold on to their value in the pre-owned market, is that they are gotten from the official retailer or outlet to the pre-owned market. The rules that guide pre-owned market are very different, as value is based solely on the demand the watch commands and how readily available the supply.

Is Omega a luxury watch?

Omega watchmaking company is one of the most recognised Swiss luxury watchmakers in the world. The company has been in existence for more than 170 years and has clearly earned its reputation as a prominent luxury watch company. In fact, Omega is a fierce competitor with Rolex (arguably the most recognised watch brand in the world) in popularity and demand.

The company has carved a niche for itself in the watch world in the areas of precision, durability and sophistication. To show that the superiority of their luxurious watch goes beyond aesthetics. In 1932 Omega became the official timekeeping device for the Olympics and retains that title to date.

The company also joined the space race with the Omega watch becoming the official timepiece for NASA astronauts. As the Omega watch was the only one to pass all NASA's 11 tests. In 1969 its Omega's Speedmaster series became the first watch on the moon, earning the nickname “moon watch”.

Also, Omega engraved its name in pop culture as a famous luxury watch brand in the world. When the watch company became the official timepiece brand for the James Bond franchise. After Pierce Brosnan's James Bond character wore an Omega Seamaster.

Undoubtedly, the Omega watch brand is not just a luxury watchmaker but one of the best. And it is ranked as the seventh most famous Swiss luxury watch brand in the world.